1. Who we are:
Cotton Tex Fashion is working as a Sourcing/Buying Agent, Supplier & Inspection Company for Ready Made Garments. We deal with all kinds of Woven, Knit & Sweater (Flat Knit) Garments items however we are specialized in Knit items e.g. T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Tank Top, Sweat shirt, Fleece & Flat Knitted sweater such as Pullover, Cardigan etc.

Backed up by the extensive procurement networks and highly efficient operation, Cotton Tex Fashion always delivers high quality services and products to the customers at competitive price.Cotton Tex Fashion extensive business network and highly experienced professional team enable us to provided quality value-added service for our customers and guarantee total satisfaction

Our Establishment:
Cotton Tex Fashion is established on Beginning of 1997 with the mission to co-operate foreign partners to build and expand their markets effectively and efficiently.

2. mission & vision

Our Objectives

To deliver the quality products, as per the standards required by the customers. The basic Function is to source the facility/product, which fulfils the needs of the inquiry, sent by the buyer and to place the orders on behalf of the buyer to coordinate between the buyer and the manufacturer, at various stages of the production process, ensuring that the end product meets the basic standards required. We have already produce lot of designs for numerous brands in EC & USA. Our fashionable designs, styles and quality are highly valued by foreign customers.

3. Fecilities

Social Responsibility

The new global economy dictates that all successful businesses are conducted in a socially responsible manner. Companies now see social accountability as a way to retain good employees, to win consumer and brand loyalty and ensure goodwill with the public and investors but we can only maximize this value if we respect our commitment to everyone of our stakeholders: customers, Consumers, suppliers, shareowners, colleagues, and the communities in, which we operate.

Cotton Tex Fashion is unswerving in its commitment to ethical business practices and strives to work with Stakeholders who are willing to follow our lead. We firmly believe that our commitment to improve the working environment at our Manufacturers production facilities, through a defined Workplace code of conduct, will ensure better moral, resulting in quality production. We believe that the managements responsibility to define the company's policy for social accountability and labor conditions, to ensure a commitment to continual improvement.

Own Laboratory: Equipped with own Laboratory facilities to fulfill the buyer's required standards like Shrinkage, Color Fastness, Rubbing/Corking, Pilling Test etc. And also Light box facility for color shade checking to lab-dip.

On-line Production follow up: We are providing on-line production follow up services to our buyer through our web-site which is updated at least once a week.

Prompt Communication: Our foreign correspondence team is in touch with our overseas buyers 24/7 to keep them updated.

Product outsourcing: We have the better ability to source better quality products at most competitive prices on FOB or CNF basis.

Sample development: We always give the Product/sample development service to our client. An initial pre-cost estimate are giving free of charge. Any value added operations (embroidery, printing, garment dye, packaging, etc.) will require artwork, color submits, and precise definition of raw material required (hang tags, thread types, inks, etc.).

Level wise supervision: One of the many reasons why Cotton Tex Fashion. always achieved the reliability of customers is level wise supervision. Our skilled supervisors monitor each and every level of production to ensure the highest quality output from our suppliers. We have done necessary inspection & quality control I.P.C. DUPRO & FRI on A.Q.L Standard. We warrant the entire product line. We absorb all fallout due to misprints, stains, misplacement, etc.

• The process is seamless, requiring no special attention from you until the goods arrive at your receiving department.

Affiliated Manufacturers

We affiliate our factories are ISO Certified & maintain the Social Compliance standard.Cotton Tex Fashion are vertically set up with state-of-the-art machines for Knitting, Dyeing, Sewing, Automatic Printing (12 color print) & Embroidery and also high profile personnel adopted the social accountability international standard SA8000, ISO Standard.

Cotton Tex Fashion has enriched efficiency in managing its factories with maximum professionalism as well as dedication to workmanship

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